martedì 22 dicembre 2009


A-Apple--I like apples
B-Bycicle--I usually ride bycicle
C-Children--I love children
D-Dogs--my dog's name's Black
E-English--I like English language
F-Friendship--love and friendship are beautiful feling
G-Grey-- my dog is grey
H-Hotel-- Cube hotel is fantastique
I-Issue--I have an issue
L-Lion--the lion is my favourithe animal
M-Made--my bag made in Italy
N-Nice--my nephew is nice
O-Overweight-- my friend is overweingt
P-Pilot--my favourite pilot is Valentino Rossi
Q-Quiet--I love quiet
R-Ruler-- my ruler is 50 cm long
S-Schoolfriend-- my schoolfriend is Pierluigi
T-Touros--the tauros is dangerous
U-Underneath--underneath the table there is a book
V-Volley--I like playing volleyball
Z-Zac--the name of my friend is Zac
K-Keiboard--I play the keiboard
J-Joke--I'm a joker
W-Website--I have a website
X-Xmen--I like"x men" film

My Hobbies

How are you? I hope everything is O.K. there.
I tell you about the everythings I like doing in my spare time and during the weekends.
-In my spare time I like playing videogame.
-My favoutirite sport is football.
-I often go out with my friends.
-In my spare time I also play basket.
-My favourite sportman is Zlatan Ibrahimovic.
-I like listening to pop music.
-My favourite singer is Green day.
-In my class reggae is the favourite music .
-I spend much time watching televition about one hour a day.
-I like going to the cinema.
-My favourite actor is Vin Diesel.
-I like reading.
- My favourite book is "Dylan Dog".
-I use the computer.
-I like videogames.
-My hobby is fishing.

martedì 17 novembre 2009


Hello,my name is Mauro my surname is Di Pinto,I'm from Italy I'm fifteen year old.I have one sister.I live in Marconia,I like football ,video games,surfing net,chatting with friends.I don't like school.I love miusic and football.I am in the first farm of I.T.C.G.I think I am easy going.I was born in Italy.My eyes are brown.My hair is brown it is short,i am medium size.